Best Baby Playpen in OUNUO | Best of Baby 2022

Best Baby Playpen in OUNUO | Best of Baby 2022

Rushing your activities while worrying about the safety of your baby? This is indeed one of the common dilemmas of every mom. So to help you put your mind at ease, we will introduce the best playpen that will provide you with a safe area to place your little one while you are getting your tasks done. Whether you are staying at home or travelling, there is a playpen that can cater to your specific needs. They are not only easy to move around but they are also comfortable enough for babies’ nap times and leisure times! 

Multifunctional playpen and co-sleeping crib
The OUNUO Playpen is a multifunctional playpen and co-sleeping crib specifically designed to allow parents to sleep next to their babies without sharing the same bed for safety purposes.

This baby playpen play yard is 79*71*27 in. With the alloy steel pipe and plastic joint connection, the play yard for baby could be easy to assemble and disassemble.

The extra large play yard adapts full cloth cover design, making the corner fully wrapped, effectively buffering the impact and protecting baby from injury. Visible soft breathable mesh design bring more security, as baby's sight will not be blocked and Mom could also look at the baby when doing housework.

Why buy this:

Easy to Storage
OUNUO portable playpen package comes with storage bag. Easy to package & storage.

Kids Activity Center
Your baby will have own field of exploration and bring a more pleasant childhood.

Strictly control each raw materialSafe and environmentally friendly,No peculiar smell, not afraid of baby bites.